Festival Of Lights In Natchitoches, LA

I have been a "little" silent this week where my posting is concerned.  Oh, NOT because I have chosen to be but because I've been having a little problem with my thumb...

It seems that I have literally worn it out texting, scrolling, typing, knitting, etc, etc, etc...(ugh!).  And so Dr. Dave instructed me to take Ibuprofen, stabilize it with a brace...and QUIT texting.  OK, I cannot tell you how weird it is to have your son tell YOU to quit texting (sigh...).  However, if I do not choose to take it easy on the thumb it could require an injection...given to me by said son...hmmm.  Now that the thumb has been stabilized, I have been given the go ahead to use it again (BIG smile here...) and so I wanted to share some photos that I took this past weekend at The Festival of Lights in Natchitoches, where our lake house is.

Every Saturday night during the month of December through New Year's Eve, historic Natchitoches, Louisiana puts on the most FABULOUS fireworks display, followed by the lighting up of Christmas lights on the Cane River.  This is a tradition that I try NEVER to miss each year.  Up until now (and even the 4th of July...), Parker Ann has not liked the sound of the fireworks at all.  Therefore, we decided to eat dinner that evening on the deck of a restaurant just on the outskirts of the city.  It was the PERFECT place the view the fireworks display because we were able to SEE them but they weren't so terribly loud that they scared her; she LOVED them.  We then drove in a little closer and walked down by the river to get a closer look at the lights and Parker her favorite snack...

                                       Sarah and Parker, ready for The Festival of Lights!

                                                      What a GREAT view from here!

There is always a live band playing down by the river too.  It was a Cajun band this week and there was quite a bit of swing dancing going on in the streets.

                                Then came the important part...Parker got her cotton  candy!

And OH, did she ever LOVE it!  Awesome Christmas bow she's wearing too, huh?!  Guess who bought it?

  This huge,  lighted tree also sits down by the river; the lights actually change colors on and off.

Parker loved the tree and just wanted to touch the lights.  We decided to take our picture in front of it.

                                                                  Only in Louisiana...

                                            I love the reflection of the lights on the river...

                                    MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE SOUTH..TO YOU!!!

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