The Baking Project...("Easy Skillet Apple Pie")

I'm not much of a cook, but for some reason I just LOVE cookbooks.  I subscribe to The Cooking Network Magazine, Southern Living and Martha Stewart's LIVING.  I watch all of those T.V. cooking competitions and lately I just can't resist buying cookbooks.  I suppose I can explain it best by comparing myself to a child who doesn't like to read...they just like to look at all of the neat pictures.  YEP!  That's me...Those dishes look SO appetizing and I really do have good intentions to prepare some of the recipes found in those books, but alas, I just never get around to it.

When Robby and I were in Miami a couple of weeks ago, we went to one of my favorite cooking stores; William Sonoma.  While there, I started looking at more cookbooks and before I knew it, I had hatched a plan!  I would buy a few of those books and attempt to bake one new thing per week.  AND I could blog about it!  I would call the weekly article:  "The Baking Project". 

I brought those cookbooks home and placed them on my shelf.  I pulled them out a couple of times to determine what I should prepare first and then when checking the mail one day, the decision was made for me.  The September issue of Southern Living had come in the mail that day and the "feature food" was...APPLES.  Don't apples just make you think of fall?  As I flipped through that magazine, I found the "perfect" apple recipe; it was decided...I would bake the, "Easy Skillet Apple Pie"!
"Easy Skillet Apple Pie", Southern Living Magazine/September 2011

Two things attracted me to this recipe:  First, the thought of how yummy those apples would smell baking, smothered in sugar, cinnamon and butter and second, I LOVED the fact that it was baked in an iron skillet.  Once I had set my mind on this recipe, I laid the magazine open to that page, determined that I would bake it over the weekend.  Well, Tropical Storm Lee, had other plans; my electricity kept going out on both Saturday and Sunday, so I just never got around to making it.  The only mistake I had made was announcing the fact that I was going to make that pie.

You see,  Robby LOVES to cook.  I KNOW!  How lucky could I be?...I don't really like to cook and he LOVES it?  Well, maybe not so lucky at times, because when I DO want to try cooking, he either stands over me "helping" or just does it himself.  Most of the time this works pretty well for me; he cooks, I clean and we are both happy.  Well, I should have known that the open magazine with the apple pie recipe staring him in the face would be too enticing for him to stare at for long.  I came home from the gym Monday evening to find a wonderful dinner waiting for me.   As I glanced over to the counter, I saw "Skillet Apple Pie"!
"Easy Skillet Apple Pie"...As made by Robby!

Yep!  he couldn't resist any longer, thinking that I most likely would never make that pie.  SO...I cannot give you a rating on how "easy" it was to bake; I can only tell you how DELICIOUS it was!  The crust on the bottom of the pie became a caramelized confection with all of that sugar and butter and cinnamon melted together.  I CAN, however, give you a recommendation to BAKE THIS PIE...I plan on baking it myself during the upcoming holiday season.
There's only one word for this...YUMMY!!!

***This recipe can be found in the September 2011, Southern Living Magazine.  If you do not subscribe to this magazine and would like the recipe for the "Easy Skillet Apple Pie", you can send me an e-mail requesting it and I will send it to you.***

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