Books I Am Reading Or Have Read: "Sisterhood Everlasting"

I read all of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" books, so I could not let the final one in the saga slip away from me unread.  I love reading book "series" because I become very invested in the characters.  It is as though they are old friends that I am revisiting.  Therefore, a long time ago, I downloaded "Sisterhood Everlasting" on my Kindle with hopes of reading it soon.

It took me a while to get around to reading the last book in the "Traveling Pants" series, but I finally opened it up and began to read.  The girls were now all approaching their 30th birthday, having pretty much gone their separate ways since college.  Oh, they were still friends, but not the same way that they had been in the past.  Then suddenly, one of the "sisters" decided that they should all go back to Greece for a reunion.  Tibby, who was now living in Australia, sent everyone plane tickets and they were all to meet at what was previously Lena's grandparents' house there.  Since I had read all of the previous books, I remembered their first trip to Greece fondly.  I had just finished reading a more serious book and determined that this book would be the perfect "light read" for me to delve into next.

As I began to read, I realized very quickly that the girls' lives had changed quite a bit but their same old personalities were at play.  The book was sort of a reality check concerning what often times happens with old friends from childhood.  These people are integral parts of our lives; we cannot imagine living without them.  I recall someone telling me once in high school that if I had two or three really good friends later in life, I could consider myself lucky.  I scoffed at the idea of that; I had a "group" of friends and nothing would ever separate us or our friendships.  How wise that person was.  In this book, the girls find out exactly what I found out; life moves on and things change.  Yes, when you see those faces from the past occasionally, you embrace the memories you had with them fondly.  However, most times, one's circle of friends changes over time.  Old high school friends are left within the halls of the school and old college roommates in the dorm rooms.  These are the things that the girls in this book are finding out about life; it moves on and at a very fast pace.

Just as I began to settle into the new lives the girls had made for themselves, something tragic happened; something that shook all of their worlds.  Honestly, I could not even believe it.  This was supposed to be my "happy, relaxing book" to read and here I was suddenly captured between the pages of another serious storyline.  I asked Caitlin if she was planning to read it (I wanted to talk to someone about the book...) and as soon as she told me "no", I began to spill the beans about what was going on.  She was as shocked as I was and every time we spoke, she asked for an update of what had transpired next.

Although this final book in the "Sisterhood" series was not what I had expected it to be, I would definitely recommend reading it if you have read all of the other books.  It represents an honest look at life; the way things really turn out sometimes and how we deal with those circumstances.  There are, of course, situations in the book that are dealt with and resolved in the end, but one gets to experience the thought process that is involved in those decisions.  This book does not look at life through "rose-colored glasses"; it takes a long, hard look at the way life truly turns out sometimes.  READ THE BOOK...and don't put it down without finishing the last page!

                                                       HAPPY READING!!!

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