Books I Am Reading Or Have Read..."The Hunger Games"

Are you "hungry" for a good read?  If so, look no further; "The Hunger Games" are here!

Back in the summer, a cousin of mine read the entire "Hunger Games Trilogy" and recommended it to me.  I did what I usually do...Downloaded a sample to my Kindle so I wouldn't forget about it.  I have so many books that I have done the same with, I just sort of move them up and down on my list according to the "reading mood" I am in at the time.  I decided to move "The Hunger Games" up on my list when I was recently at the movie theatre a few weeks ago and noticed that it would be made into a movie by the spring.  So, actually knowing nothing about the book, I settled down into my overstuffed chair to begin reading...and once I did, I simply could not put the book down.

This book captured my attention from the very first page.  It is an extremely quick and easy read and so fast paced that I found it difficult to set aside.  The only way I know how to adequately describe what type of book "The Hunger Games" is, would be to say that it is a "survival book".  You see, the country is divided into 12 districts; no one is able to visit or communicate between them.  At some point in time, there were uprisings and the government (The Capitol...) decided to take control back by creating an annual event called "The Hunger Games".  The premise of "The Hunger Games" is that a male and female adolescent name from each district is drawn to participate in the annual contest.  They are taken to The Capitol, where they are prepared for the opening ceremonies at the games.  Each contestant is given a team of personal assistants, who in a sense attempt to "market" their contestant to potential sponsors.  Sound familiar?...Like our Olympic ceremonies?  Well, not quite.  For you see, although only one winner will emerge from "The Hunger Games", the others will not merely lose a contest; they will also lose their lives.

From the very onset, contestants are thrust into survival mode, relying on their individual skills to bring them through the contest alive.  Conditions can change in a second due to the fact that the Game Makers ( the people in charge of and in control of the games...) can alter conditions that keep the action moving and entertaining should things become boring for them and the audience.  Oh...Did I fail to mention that the entire "games" are broadcast throughout the  Yes, it is a form of "Reality T.V." like no one can begin to imagine.

This book series has captured my interest quickly and for many reasons.  First, it is very fast paced and easy to read and keep up with.  Second, the characters are quite creative and unforgettable.  And third, the underlying notion that a government could have such complete control over a country is strangely disturbing.  There are cameras everywhere, thus the lack of privacy.  The inhabitants of each district are separated in order to keep them from banding together in overtaking the government.  And the "Hunger Games" are a constant reminder to the people of what the consequences are of attempting to become independent and in control of their own lives.  This book series is very intriguing and I am simply lost within its pages; so much so that as I turned the last page of "The Hunger Games", I immediately opened the first page of the second book in the series, "Catching Fire"!  I definitely recommend this book series...You will NOT be disappointed!

                                                                    HAPPY READING!!!

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