There's No Better Time Than The PRESENT...

I really had a MILLION things to do; a house to clean, clothes to fold and Christmas presents to wrap.  I was also babysitting Parker Ann.  I'm wasn't sure I could put another thing on my plate for the day, when I suddenly heard my own voice telling my mother that I would be coming out to her house today to make her "Homemade Chex Party Mix'...with a baby in tow!

I call my mother often, but I also try to either go visit her or pick her up for lunch or perhaps a manicure every now and then.  She is 83 years old, does not drive any more and relies on others to visit her.  I realize that she gets lonely, therefore, I try to get out there when I can.  And if I can also bring Parker Ann with me, it is an added bonus that brings a smile to her face; today was one of those days.

My mother makes the absolute BEST "Homemade Chex Party Mix" in the world!  It is one of my favorite things she always makes for the holidays.  Actually, it is a very old recipe that she got years ago from a friend of hers...AND the recipe does NOT call it "Chex Mix"; instead it is called, "Nuts, Bolts and Screws".  I told mother to make sure she had all of the ingredients and we would be out there early to make the mix, eat a little lunch and visit with her for the day.
When we arrived, all of the ingredients were laid out on the table, ready to be mixed up...
Of course, Parker Ann wanted to help too!

So, she and Mam-Maw opened up all the ingredients...
And poured them in the pan
We stirred it up real good and poured the yummy liquid over it...
And popped it in the oven to bake!
While we were waiting for our "Nuts, Bolts and Screws" to finish baking, Mam-Maw decided the birds needed to eat too.  Parker Ann LOVES to go "outside" any chance she gets, therefore she was all for it!

It wasn't long before our yummy treat was ready to take out of the oven...

In all of our busyness, sometimes we just have to take a day off and let everything go.  Leave the beds unmade, the dishes unwashed and all of the errands unrun.  Those things will still be there waiting to be done the next day.  Time to spend with our loved ones, however, may not be there.  Take time out and do something special with someone special...I guarantee you will NOT regret it.  After all...There is NO TIME like the "Present" to give yourself and someone else a "Priceless Present"!

"Nuts, Bolt and Screw" Recipe

2 sticks butter
2 Tbsp Bacon Drippings
2 Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp. onion salt
1 tsp. celery salt
1 Tbsp. garlic salt
***Melt these ingredients together in a sauce pan***
1 box Wheat or Rice Chex
1 box slim pretzels
1 box Cheerios
1 lb. pecans
***Pour dry ingredients into a large roasting pan***
***Mix ingredients together with a wooden spoon.  Pour liquid mixture over dry ingredients.  Stir, mixing well.  Bake slow in 250 degrees oven, stirring every 10-15 minutes for an hour***


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  1. How fun. Wish I lived closer to my Mom. Lynn's Mom makes something like that, she calls it Texas Trash. Nuts, Bolts or trash we all still gobble it up.