OK...So, I REALLY Like Tim Tebow!

Who would ever believe that I would be writing about ANYTHING relating to sports?  I did not grow up with a father or brothers and actually knew very little about sports or sporting events of any kind growing up.  THEN...I got married and my first three children where BOYS.  That fact alone changed my entire way of life.

My husband is a huge sports enthusiast, having not only played basketball, men's softball and golf, but in our early years of marriage he refereed to pick up extra money.  Once we began having children...and the first three were boys...he had them in all sorts of sports.  And me?...I learned about these different sports; how they were played and most importantly what it meant to be  part of a team.  My induction into the world of sports late in life, however, is only a small part of the reason I like Tim Tebow so much.

Now, I realize that by writing this post and in turn my opinions and ideas regarding Tim Tebow, I am just asking for some "Negative Nellies" to reply with opinions of their own.  My only request is to remember one thing:  We all have opinions, so please be respectful of mine and also keep in mind that everybody has an opinion and opinions cannot be right or wrong; they are just personal.  So, in saying all of that, I will now let you in on "Why I REALLY Like Tim Tebow".

When this year's football season began and it was clear that Tim Tebow was going to be thrown into the job of quarterback for the Denver Broncos, I must admit that I didn't think much about it.  However, very soon, he was "making waves" by his team actually winning some games.  And as the wins continued, so did the talk about Tim Tebow.  And as the sports commentators continued to talk a bit negatively regarding his abilities as a quarterback, his team continued to win even more games.  This captured my attention a little more and my youngest son (who is Tebow's age...) and I began to root for him and the Denver Broncos.  Then, finally it happened...the talk turned to Tim Tebow's Christianity; and THAT did it...we were now full out cheering for Tebow and the Broncos every week!

I REALLY like Tim Tebow...and here is why.  I love the story about his conception and birth.  It came out on a pro-life commercial last year.  His mother could have chosen abortion but instead chose to continue the pregnancy.  She had faith that God would see her through whatever was to come with the birth of her unborn child.  Not only did He see her through the pregnancy, He apparently also had some pretty special plans for Tim Tebow.  Even if you are not a Christian, you have to admit that Tim Tebow appears to not only to be a very talented athlete, but also very blessed. I like the fact that he and his family are Christian and cannot understand why this fact alone would bother some people to the point of almost perscecuting him specifically for those beliefs in the media. Do we not all have the right to our own personal beliefs?  Do you see anyone else out there being persecuted openly for their beliefs?  So, one must ask the question:  "Why does this get under some people's skin so badly?"

Having been very successful throughout his life in the athletic arena, many people are just in awe of Tim Tebow's accomplishments.  However, lately, I have been more that disappointed at the media; I have been disturbed by the many negative comments made toward him.  Call it being a mom and thinking about how I would feel if it were my child that they were talking about or the fact that I am also a Christian; I am just appalled at how ugly people can be toward someone they aren't even personally aquainted with.  For some reason, there are individulas who have become absolutely enraged at Tebow's success since he is a Christian.  Now, that really bothers me.  Have you ever seen this young man on the field with his team mates?  How about on the side lines?  Or even at an after game press conference?  I have taken notice of him and his behavior in all of these places and have been extremely impressed with him.  I find him to be humble, never bragging about "his" abilities, but giving his team mates credit for their abilities.  I also find him to be respectful not only to those interviewing him, but also to those who make fun of him because of his Christian beliefs.  And what I REALLY am impressed with, is the fact that he never appears to let the "negative" talk surrounding him affect his "positive" attitude.  I suppose all of these things combined make it very confusing and difficult for me to understand exactly "why" some people continue to harass him for who he is.

I believe that we, in this country, have perhaps forgotten why it was founded in the first place.  One of the main reasons was "religious freedom".  Tim Tebow is not out there trying to push his religion or beliefs on anyone else.  Just because he may stop and say thank-you to God when he makes a good play is no reason for people to become angry.  Why, over the years, I have seen MANY players do the same thing without one word being said about it.  Is openly being a Christian now fair game for persecusion?  Does he seem like a bad person or has he done bad things that make him worthy of all the criticism he is under daily?  Hmmm...As I think about these questions, I have another I would like to pose:  If you are so offended by this young man's integrity, then what must you be feeling about those who are also in the public eye and broken the law...or sing songs with curse words in them for our young people to hear...or wear inapporpriate attire for the world to see and our children to immitate...or abuse their spouses or innocent children?  Where is the  immense criticism for these individuals?  There is something terribly wrong with our society when a polite, genuinely kind, respectful and unselfish person is treated more harshly than the individual who clearly has no regard for anyone but themself.  Is one person's belief in God so truly offensive that it must be addressed openly and publicly on a regular basis?  I REALLY like Tim Tebow.  Not just because his religious beliefs are are the same as mine, but because he appears to be such a genuinely all around nice guy who is also a very talented athlete...AND he can continue to smile and keep his wonderfully positive attitude even through the nastiness of many people across the country.  Ever wonder how he does that?...And could you do the same if it were you or your child?

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  1. I'll tell you how he puts up with it all, he is doing his best to be the christian he claims to be. He shows it and lives it. And being a national stage makes it just wonderful. Job well done.