These Are A Few Of My FAVORITE (Christmas) THINGS...

I just LOVE Christmas and EVERYTHING about it.  Well, I will take that back.  I do NOT like the over commercialization of the holiday.  I believe that people put WAY too much emphasis on "things".  Instead, this should be a time of reflection and good cheer and making memories with family and friends.  I always look forward to taking out all of the Christmas decorations that I have collected over the years; some date back to Robby and my first Christmas together.  One thing that I have come to collect over the years that can be considered one of my "FAVORITE THINGS" are...CHRISTMAS PILLOWS!

Although I don't usually buy a lot of Christmas decorations any more, I do enjoy looking at them in the shops around town.  However, one of the items that I will indulge myself with are Christmas pillows.  OK, I will admit that I wait until they go on sale to buy them too because...HEY!  Pillows are pretty expensive.  And so, over the years, I have collected quite a few that I would like to share with you...Along with some "Other Favorite Christmas Things" too!

Frosty and Santa pillows are a MUST!

And WHAT Louisiana home wouldn't have a Christmas Fleur de Lis pillow?

I saw these at Marshall's, fell in LOVE with them and HAD to have them!

My collection of "Vintage Elves" is one of my FAVORITE THINGS to put out for the season...

And the Family Stocking hung on the hall tree...even the doxies have one!

And each new family member gets their very own stocking too...

As souvenirs to each vacation we've taken, I purchase a Christmas ornament to remind me of not only the location but all of the fun memories made there with my family; This past year we visited San Diego...
And Key West...
And who could forget Hawaii?
Or New York?
And on my tree hangs an ornament from each of my 4 children's First Christmases
I try to buy a new "Family Ornament" each year too...I'm not sure how many more people we can get on one!
And what tree in Louisiana would be complete without some LSU ornaments?  GEAUX TIGERS!
But HERE is the REAL "Reason for the Season" and MY MOST FAVORITE THING!

I hope that you all enjoyed taking a walk with me through a "Few Of My Favorite CHRISTMAS Things" and will also enjoy taking all of YOUR memories out of dusty boxes in the attic too!


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