My Thyroid Apparently Doesn't Like Me...And I'm Not Fond Of It Either Right Now!

Does it bother you as much as it does me when your own body decides to turn against you?  It frustrates me to no end to know that such a thing can happen.  I knew that there was the possibility that my thyroid would not start working properly, but I suppose I just chose not to think about it (my "Scarlett Syndrome" rearing its head again...) until the final results were in.  Well...they are in and I am NONE too happy about them!

It had been six week and was time for my next blood test to determine if my biodentical hormones were beginning to work.  Physically, I could tell that something was changing.  But, at the same time I was placed on the hormones, my doctor also found that my thyroid was struggling to work properly.  He thought that perhaps it was just an iodine deficiency and started me on Kelp.  I was very optimistic that the Kelp would work; I didn't want to be put on thyroid medication.

I am just not one of those people who like to take any type of medication (if there is even such a person...), so even the thought of having to be placed on a medication that I would have to take every day for the rest of my life was pretty depressing.  Therefore, I put all my hope in banking on the Kelp to work.  When my blood work came back, it showed that the hormones were beginning to work but that my TSH numbers for my thyroid had not come down enough for the doctor to be convinced that it was an iodine deficiency...Well, CRAP!  I knew what THAT meant; the next step would be to place me on some sort of thyroid medication (ugh!!!).  To make matters worse, my husband began his "google search" on my condition, while my two medical student sons began referring to my newly diagnosed problem as a "disease", "disorder" and using all sort of language that I didn't even understand.  YEP!  There is a distinct advantage/disadvantage to having children in the medical profession.

When my actual physician phoned, I realized that there is a reason I like this newest health professional of mine so much.  He "personally" called me to discuss all of my blood work and thoroughly explained what I had already extensively researched myself about the thyroid in general.  The thyroid controls all other hormones in the body and when it is out of whack, basically your entire body is going to go haywire.  I knew these things...realized that it really WAS best for me to be on medication...and yet, I couldn't help but feel a little disturbed by the fact that my thyroid had apparently turned on me.  I explained all of this to my doctor, who listened to how I was feeling and didn't judge me; I really appreciated that.  It was as though I was in therapy, but before the therapist could tell me what I should be doing, I was telling myself!  He explained that he would be starting me on a drug called, Armour Thyroid, which is not a synthetic medication and I suppose that made me feel a bit more comfortable.  He also said that within 2 weeks, I should begin to feel the effects.  I was then instructed to call him (he gave me his cell number!...unheard of, I know) at that point so he could see how I was feeling.  At one month, I will go back for another blood test to see if my numbers have fallen.

Well, I cannot say that I am very happy about this diagnosis (who would be?!), but what's a girl to do?  I started on my new medication about one week ago and I must admit that I have already begun to notice a few subtle changes., I've decided that I suppose it could be much worse.  If this medication works and makes me feel really good and full of energy once again then it is worth it.  I'm not sure WHY my thyroid decided to turn against me, but I'm just not settling for letting it win!  I've never liked anyone telling me what to do...and that goes for my "Dysfunctional Thyroid" too!


  1. After my mother bought me desiccated bovine supplements, after three weeks, my symptoms has reduced drastically.

  2. Glad to hear those encouraging words! It has now been 2 weeks for me and I am feeling so much better.