HEAUX, HEAUX, HEAUX!!! Here Comes Papa Noel...

Here in Louisiana, we have Papa Noel.  OK, so he is our Santa Claus...who drives a sleigh through the swamps and that sleigh is led by a team of alligators instead of reindeer!  It is quite the "Cajun Legend" that is fun and unique to our area.  On some lawns,  Papa Noel can be found with his team of reindeer set up during the Christmas season.  I got a surprise a couple of days ago for this "Papa Noel Season" that I'm so exited about.

Rarely do Robby and I get to make it down to New Orleans during the Papa Noel Season; we just seem to be so busy, that we don't make time to get away.  However, this year, things have worked out a little differently and I find myself getting ready today to leave for a Papa Noel Weekend in the BIG EASY!

We have season tickets to Broadway Across America in New Orleans and I originally thought that we would not use our December tickets.  The show being performed is, "South Pacific".  I love that show; it is such a classic.  So, imagine my surprise when Robby announced that he had booked a room for us for a long weekend to New Orleans!  Most of the hotels around the area offer special rates during the Papa Noel season and we were going to take advantage of that and spend a little bit of our holiday season tasting the flavors of a Cajun Christmas.

We will head out today and on Saturday afternoon we will attend the show.  I just love seeing live performances; there is nothing like it, they are so magical.  After that, we intend to do a little Christmas shopping and, of course, eat out at one of the fabulous restaurants that evening (I don't know where yet; that part is still a surprise..).  On Sunday morning, I'm sure we will enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch down in the French Quarters somewhere and THEN...Here's the biggest part of my Papa Noel Surprise:  Robby got tickets to the Saints game!  It had been a really long time since I have gotten to go to a Saints game and I am so excited about this.  I'm busy right now packing all of my black and gold that I will wear for that event; EVERYONE in New Orleans (and pretty much all of Louisiana...) is a SAINTS FAN, therefore, it is "required" that one dress for the game.  OH...and "anything goes"; I will be wearing a new black and gold sequined top with my jeans, specifically for the sporting event!

I'm not sure what YOUR plans are for this first weekend in December, but I hope that you will take advantage of the season and do something FUN, yourselves.  As for me and my guy...We're about to be heading down to the BIG EASY for a few days to celebrate this season we call PAPA NOEL!

                                              HEAUX, HEAUX, HEAUX...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Have fun, we are headed to Vail today, just Lynn and I. Last minute trip too. Love the Heaux, heaux, heaux.