Getting Showered With Ornaments...

It was the 22nd of December, but we put all Christmas planning on hold for a few hours.  That evening would be Caitlin's first wedding shower...A "Christmas Ornament Shower".

When one of Caitlin's friends, Kat, got married, some of my friends gave her a "Christmas Ornament Shower" in December, preceding her summer wedding.  I absolutely LOVED the idea of having an "Ornament Shower"!  What a GREAT idea for the bride-to-be; she would have enough beautiful ornaments to cover her first Christmas tree once married.  So, when those same women approached Caitlin and me about hosting the same type of shower for her, we were thrilled.

December 22nd is pretty close to Christmas, so I wasn't sure how many would be in attendance.  All of these girls were still in their final year of college and just completing finals, so it was the only time available to have it.  The place that the event would be help would be our local cupcake shop, "Little Cakes".

When we arrived, the shop window was so festively decorated with a white Christmas tree and when we opened the door, the continuation of festivity continued through more twinkling lights and the smell of delicious, freshly baked cupcakes.  Before long, a large group of girls and women began to arrive and I was relieved that so many had shown up for this evening to celebrate Caitlin's first bridal shower.

After filling our plates with food, we had a little surprise in store before the gift opening began.  Everyone was given a plain cupcake to decorate!  Red, green, chocolate and white icings were prepared in piping tubes, along with Christmas sprinkles.

And then the presents were opened.  Each person had to get up and give Caitlin their ornament and tell how they knew her.

We all had so much fun reconnecting with old friends and family!

Caitlin with some of her old high school friends.

Caitlin with high school, college and church friends.

Caitlin with both of her grandmothers.

Caitlin with my sister.

Bride and Mother of the Bride.

Many thanks go out to the ladies and their daughters who hosted this wonderfully unique "Christmas Shower" for Caitlin!

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