A Finished (Almost...) Nursery But No Sign Of A Baby...

Well, the full moon thing didn't bring on a baby last night.  Although I did wake up a couple of times thinking Caitlin was standing at the foot of my bed telling me, "It's time"!  And I believe I know WHY the full moon thing didn't work; the sky here is so overcast every day that the poor old moon couldn't find its way to shine down on us here in Ohio.  And I also have this theory that Holli has heard us complain so much about the weather and how cold and miserable it is that she just wants to stay inside her mommy's tummy where it is nice and warm. 

Oh, Caitlin has had some more pains today and we have walked but I am so over all of those false labor pains that I just came home tonight, poured myself a glass of red wine, soaked in a hot bath and put my pajamas on before 7 O'clock (secretly hoping that I will have to quickly throw some clothes back on and head to the hospital...).  Robby is cooking some of that delicious food that we purchased at the fresh food market yesterday and Caitlin will come stay with us again tonight after Kevin leaves for another shift beginning at 10 pm.

I promised pictures of the nursery and although she has not finished the pinwheel wall that will be above the crib (I will post pictures when finished...), I will show you all the rest of the nursery...

Caitlin took the closet doors off and placed the chest of drawers inside of it.  She made the garland that you see hanging above it.  Hanging on the wall is Holli's growth chart.

                                                                      Dressing Table...

The book shelf  is sitting next to the window.  The cute painting that sits on top of it was made by a long time friend from junior high and high school.  A soft pink curtain hangs over the window and the garland from her baby shower hangs across it.

The ecru and cream bedding that Caitlin chose from Pottery Barn Kids goes beautifully with the white baby bed...

The last time I saw this lamp it was red!  Caitlin refinished it in a gray and made the flowers that are on it.  She covered the little side table with a soft pink cloth and framed her shower invitation.

I just LOVE the rug that sits in the middle of the room.  Caitlin crocheted this out of cut pieces of jersey sheets!

Another unique idea was this old window frame that Caitlin backed with burlap to use as a hair bow holder for Holli.  WOW...Look at all of those bows she already has!

                           These are also two cute canvases that Caitlin made for the nursery.

This mommy has put in a lot of love and work in preparation for our sweet Holli's arrival...Now, we just need to get her here!  HEY...maybe she will be an "Easter Baby"...

And speaking of Easter, this a picture that Justin sent me this morning...it really brightened my day!

                                                                    PARKER ANN!

She was getting dressed for her Easter party at school today.  Justin said she went to her closet to get dressed and said, "Here's my Easter dress!"  He asked her if it was pretty and she said, "No...It's BEAUTIFUL!"  Oh, how I love that girl!  I can't wait for her to get here to see Baby Holli!

Well, we are settled in for the evening and it looks like we will be waiting another day for a baby (sigh...).

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  1. Come on Holli, your amazing nursery waits for you! Your amazing Mom and Dad and Yaya and Poppi can't wait another day.