Keeping Busy While Waiting On Baby Holli...

Since I am here for a while, I decided I might as well find some things to keep me busy until Baby Holli arrives.  The first thing I decided to do was to find a yoga studio so that I could keep in shape; HEY!  I can't look fluffy for Ryan and Allison's wedding pictures.  You know what they say..."Pictures live on forever".  So, the day before,  I got Caitlin to take me by a yoga studio that I had found and researched on the Internet before ever arriving here; Inner Bliss.  Now, I'll admit that I was a little scared about going into a class that I knew nothing about or no one.  But I signed up, paid my money and showed up.  There was about 30 people scattered all over the room and I put my little mat down and waited for the class to start.  This was obviously a "warm" yoga class because I could feel the heat on.  I was happy for the moment; this was the first time I hadn't been freezing since landing in Cleveland.  The class started and boy was I happy that I had been taking some power yoga classes at home before I came.  That class was tough but I made it through and felt great when it was over.  Caitlin had dropped me off and was waiting outside for me when I was finished.  No baby pains yet (sigh...).  We headed home for lunch.

Kevin had to be at work by 4, so when he left, Caitlin and I left too.  I was going to attempt to walk this baby out again this afternoon.  We went to Crocker Park, where Caitlin decided we should visit the Mac Store and have our eye make-up done; SURELY Baby Holli would come now that we were all pretty and made up!  Well, we left the Mac Store with a bag full of pretty new make-up...but no baby pains yet...

After a while, Caitlin said that she was getting tired and I thought I might have possibly walked her to the point of labor.  I told her we would go home and I would cook us a stir fry and I would have a glass of red wine.  The wine was what would do know, make Baby Holli come tonight.  You see, whenever I have a glass (or two...) of wine, generally something happens and someone needs me to make some sort of important decision.  Yep!  The wine should do it.

After dinner, we both got our baths, knitted for a while and...still no signs of labor pains.  Well, I though, there's still the possibility that Caitlin will show up in my room in the middle of the night and tell me, "It's time!"  As a matter of fact, when Kevin left for work today, I told him we would see him at the hospital some time tonight.
                             I finished her hospital hat and bootees...NOW, she can come!

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