This Is NOT Spring (aka: Cold In Cleveland...)

When I arrived in Cleveland it was snowing.  I do not like snow or cold weather.  It makes me miserable; especially when I had already been wearing shorts and flip-flops back home.  I do, however, like being here with my daughter...and THAT trumps being cold.

When I woke up this morning it was 18 degrees with a chill factor of 5 degrees (ugh...)

Yea...This white stuff might look picturesque, but it is really not that fun to be out in.

It pretty much snowed on and off all day long but that didn't keep us indoors; we headed out to a few places.  First we ate lunch at Panera Bread and then we went in search of a yarn shop.  We found this great shop, where we spent a good deal of time...

                                           And YES...We left with a bag full of yarn!...

It was so cold that I never could warm up and we eventually headed home...where I got some warm coffee...and bundled up in my red, fluffy, warm robe.  While Caitlin sat around in a short sleeved shirt, complaining about how hot she was (Wow...preggo hormones obviously!).  We had walked and walked and walked some more and I laid my hands on Caitlin's belly on and off all day begging Holli to come out and play.  But, alas, it was just not to be yet...

                                              STILL impatiently waiting...YaYa!

                        OH, P.S.  Cleveland did not get the memo about it being spring!

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