Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks...

Well, the winter storm blew in but sadly it did not blow a baby in with it.  I woke up again this morning and realized that I had slept through the night without being woken up and told it was time to go to the hospital.  The first thing I did was to reach over and pull the curtain aside to see if the winter storm had indeed come through as predicted; it had...

This snowing at the end of March was getting a little bit ridiculous.  Down south we usually have a cold snap just before Easter and then we're good to go with warm temperatures until October.  This definitely was no cold snap; the snow was coming down hard and the biggest flakes I had ever seen.  I was determined, however, to make it to my yoga class this morning.  The only problem was that Caitlin had decided that I needed to start driving myself there so she didn't have to shuttle me back and forth.  Although I thought this was reasonable, I thought of all those carpool days...and dance class days...and cheerleading days...hmmm.  Oh well, she grabbed some sort of snow brush to get all of the snow off of her car windshield and gave me strict instructions of how to drive in the snow without wrecking her car.  As we walked to the car, I remembered once again why I hate snow skiing.  I can barely walk in the snow without slipping down...why would I ever want to strap two slick sticks to the bottom of my feet and slide down the side of a mountain at neck speed?!  Anyway, Caitlin got the windshield cleaned off, set the GPS for me and sent me on my way.  As I pulled off, I glanced back and could see her standing there watching me like a teenager driving off on their own for the first time...I told her I would text her when I arrived and also if I ended up in a ditch...

I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous at first since the roads in her apartment complex had not been cleared off.  But once I got to the main road and highway, the roads were OK.  There was just the problem of those big snowflakes coming down so quickly.  I began to wonder if I had done the smart thing by getting out in this mess.  What if I had to just stay at the yoga studio all day long?!

Thankfully, by the time my class was over, the snow had slowed down and I set the GPS for "Home".  I made it back in one piece, without getting lost OR ending up in a ditch!  This southern girl felt accomplished.  HEY!  I figured that if people around here had to drive in this stuff every day, I could learn to do it too.  I guess you really CAN teach an old dog (not saying I'm old...or a dog...) new tricks!

P.S.  No signs of any baby being blown in yet (sigh...)

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  1. Oh, I really thought maybe yesterday would be the day. Holli likes where she is warm and hanging out. Maybe she doesn't like snow either. haha