Going "Green" on St. Patty's Day with a Healthy Home Made Pizza!

I'm all about getting healthy and staying that way.  Since December, I have lost 17 pounds, with 20 being my goal (Yay!  Almost there!).  I started out by following the South Beach diet and eliminating sugar from my diet.  Gradually, I have reintroduced "good" carbs (no whites;  only browns:  rice, pasta, bread, sweet potatoes...) back into my diet, therefore,  I think more about my food choices these days.  And that is exactly why I decided on a "healthy" pizza for dinner this evening.

I know that one rarely puts those two words in the same sentence:  healthy and pizza.  But, it CAN be done and is quite tasty!  It so happens that my sweet hubby (and personal chef...), chose to use all "green" ingredients for our pizza on this St. Patty's Day...But first, it all begins with a "healthy", whole wheat crust...

To make the crust, simply use the recipe on the back of this yeast package, but instead of using white flour, use whole wheat flour.

Then, hubby used a "green" pesto instead of a tomato sauce for the base of our pizza, followed by our "green" veggie pizza, topped with fresh mozzarella...

"Green" pesto, roasted "green" peppers, artichokes and spinach made for a YUMMY ST. PATTY'S DAY PIZZA!

                                          MAY THE LUCK OF THE IRISH BE WITH YA!

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