Mardi Gras Themed Engagement Party!

A few weeks ago, Robby and I gave Ryan and Allison their engagement party.  It was the week of Mardi Gras so, of course, I decided to use that as my theme.

Robby and I have given all four of our children engagement parties before their marriages.  It is a great opportunity for the families to meet and also for friends and family to get together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.  This time, we rented a plantation house close to us called, The Melady House.  It is perfect for receptions and parties of any kind.  Robby catered the entire event with all sorts of Louisiana foods and I decorated...

                                         This is the beautiful entryway to the Melady House.
                                        Robby is a wonderful cook so the food was delicious!
                                                  David, waiting to serve someone at the bar.
                        Thank you, Pinterest, for this great idea of floating balloons to the ceiling!
                                 Each table was uniquely decorated in the Mari Gras theme...
                          Our favorite, local live band was there for some great dancing music...
It was a wonderfully fun party and now...we are counting down until the wedding, which will be June 15th!
                                             CONGRATULATIONS, RYAN and ALLISON!

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