I've Decided I LIKE Humidity...(And STILL Waiting On A Baby)

Last night I decided I like humidity.  Please feel free to remind me that I said this in a couple of months when I am back in Louisiana complaining about it.  But, you see, I was sitting here and the inside of my nose was so dry it hurt, my knuckles had begun to split and bleed, my lips were chapped and my face had become so red that it looked as though someone had been slapping me.  And that was WITH using lotions, lip balm and a sunscreen of 35!  I was really longing for those warm, balmy days where the sweat beads up on your forehead...I feel pretty crazy, myself just saying that.

There was no baby born last night so we decided to carry on with another ordinary day here.  I got up and went to yoga; surprisingly it didn't kick my butt as bad as it did the day before.  Ryan sent me a text of him and Allison having a picnic lunch in the park in New Orleans.  It read:  "Blue skies, 70 degrees and sunny; wish you were here with us."  I send one back the said, "Well, the sun is actually out here today and the sky is also blue...45 degrees and still wearing a coat."  HEY!  I told him you can't have EVERYTHING.   When Robby picked me up, we decided to start looking for Caitlin, Kevin and Holli a bigger place to rent.  Kevin works so much that he doesn't have much time to help Caitlin search for a new place so we picked her up and began our search.  We found several cute places but by around 4 pm, Robby told us that he hated to admit that we had just done him in.  He started driving back over to Crocker Park where he and Caitlin decided they wanted another peanut butter, banana and honey wrap from Liquid Planet.  They have the yummiest wraps and smoothies!  I got a smoothie.  Then he decided we should go to a movie to kill some more time.  Caitlin had to have a bag of popcorn...and a blue Icee.  As we sat there in the movie, I looked over and thought, "She looks like she is going to POP any minute now"!  She leaned forward and I rubbed her back; I knew she had to be miserable.  As soon as we left the movie, she told us that she had been having pains the whole time we were there.  She said, "I think I might go into labor tonight."  Hmmm...I wasn't going to get my hopes up too much, but I would definitely take a Good Friday Baby.

We dropped her off at her apartment so she could spend a little time with Kevin before he left for yet ANOTHER shift that begins at 10 pm tonight (ugh...see what I mean?!).  Robby and I came back to our place and I looked at him and said, "I really need to get a shower and wash my hair."  He said, "Well, go ahead.  The baby isn't going to come in the next hour IF she is in labor."  OK...I did it.  I took my contacts out, got a shower and am sitting here with wet hair and my red fluffy robe on;  this would be a perfect time for Holli to come.  For her, of course, not me.

Caitlin is planning on coming over to stay with us again tonight and she just sent me a text to say that she is still having pretty steady pains.  She also asked if her dad would make fresh guacamole for her (sigh...).  I think she is going to eat herself into labor.  AND I told Robby that IF this is the "real thing" and she waits too late to go to the hospital...I DON'T KNOW NOTHIN' BOUT BIRTHIN' NO BABIES!!!  He assured me he could deliver a baby.  THAT'S what I'm worried about...

Oh well, I suppose within the next few hours we will either head to the hospital...or wait another day.

P.S.  Still waiting for you to come out and rock, Holli!

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  1. Come on Holli! Good Friday, Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday!