Early Morning Flights...Not My Favorite Thing (sigh...)

I woke up at 3:30 this morning.  Yea...I had to get ready for my 6:00 flight to Cleveland;  early morning flights are not my favorite thing, but I needed to get to Caitlin's house...Baby Holli could be here any day now (Caitlin is 38 weeks pregnant)!

All I wanted to do when I got on my first flight was to sleep. And all the steward wanted to do was chat and sing (yes, you heard me correctly...) cheerily; all at 6 a.m. (Ugh...)!  We took off and I snuggled down into my seat, pulled my coat around me and dozed off in anticipation of takeoff (and a 50 minute nap...).  Just about the time I was giving over to sleep, the "singing steward" woke me up to see if my seatbelt was buckled...SERIOUSLY?! I pulled my coat back to show that indeed it was buckled and dozed back off.

On the long leg of my trip, from Dallas to Cleveland, I watched a movie on my new I Pad 3...Did I forget to tell you about that?! Robby bought me another surprise for my birthday last Saturday!  He hooked it all up and gave me a wireless keyboard so I could stay technologically connected the whole  time I was away (BIG smile here...).  Well, the batteries in the keyboard need to be changed so I am typing this post out with two fingers (Sad face here...).  But I wanted everybody to know I made it here safe and sound...and NOW Baby Holli can arrive!  Caitlin went for her doctor's appointment today and she is 1 1/2 cm. dilated and 75 percent effaced; maybe a baby this weekend?!

When I left Louisiana this morning at 6, it was raining, hopefully washing away some of the thick, green layer of pollen. As my plane was landing, I looked out the window and...OH MY GOSH! It was snowing!  Wasn't today the first day of spring?!  Didn't they get the memo here?? I had literally gone from 80 degree temperatures, shorts and flip-flops to 28 degrees, snow, hat, gloves, boots and a coat (sigh...).  Upon checking the weather channel, I found that lots more of the white stuff is on the way, therefore, I just better bundle up, drink hot coffee, hunker down and wait for my second granddaughter to be born.

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  1. Keep us posted, I thought about you yesterday. Didn't even know you were on your way! Have a fun and enjoy.