Poppi Arrived With The Baby Furniture!

This afternoon around 5:30, Robby arrived with the baby furniture!  He crated it and drove it all the way from Louisiana...

NOW, Caitlin can start decorating the nursery...

She started out by putting all of the clothes in the drawers and organizing diapers and then hanging pictures and decorations on the walls.  She didn't get quite finished yet and we still have to buy a mattress for the bed and a top cushion for the changing table.  Therefore, I will wait to post a picture of the completed nursery until tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow, Caitlin has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning to see how Holli is progressing...I hope they say she needs to go straight to the hospital!  On another note, I think that this cold weather has finally taken a pretty hard blow to me; my asthma seems to be kicking up a little bit and tonight I have a scratchy throat.  Yea, great, huh?!  My luck, tonight will be the night that Caitlin goes into labor.  I'm hoping that a couple of Tylenol, and a good night's sleep next to my hubby will make everything better by the morning. 

So...I will let you all know what the doctor says tomorrow and hopefully post pictures of the nursery! 

P.S.  You know that tomorrow night is a FULL MOON!


  1. The twins were born on a full moon! Waiting for good news!

  2. I love how she is doing all of this in a spaghetti strap FREEZING cold weather! Gotta love those hormones!

  3. SO hoping for a "Full Moon Baby"! And I KNOW...I'm walking around in my coat and a blanket wrapped around me while she is wearing summer clothes...(sigh)