EVERY Day Is Worth Celebrating...

"Every day is worth celebrating"...These were the word that I read on another blog.  A blog that I believe all of you should take the time to read.

If you will scroll down on my blog, you will find a button that says, "Pray for Lucy".  This is Kate's blog.  Kate is the mother of 3 children, Jack, Lucy and Ella.  I may not have all of the ages exact, but Jack is about my Parker Ann's age (close to 2), Lucy is about 5 and Ella just finished second grade.  Some time back, Lucy was diagnosed with a rare form a brain cancer.  I read as her mom took her to St. Jude's for treatment.  I read as this precious child suffered through her treatments.  I read as Kate continually proclaimed her Christian faith that God was in control.  I read...along with so many other people as Lucy (and her family...) walked down this path of uncertainty EVERY day of their lives.  Kate has coveted our prayers and longed for the day that her family's lives would return to "normalcy" (whatever that is...).  She wanted this summer to be a new beginning, a time to breathe, relax, take a break from the fear that Lucy's cancer would some day return.  I find myself often times busy and have to catch up on reading her blog.  I did this very thing a few days ago and found poor Kate in an emotion crisis once again.

Lucy had been having problems and was rushed back to the hospital...Lucy was put in ICU...Lucy would have to undergo another surgery.  I left Kate a message that I was desperately praying for Lucy and for her and for their entire family.  I was not alone in leaving my message; there were hundreds of others who were also praying for Lucy.  I awoke this morning to find simply a few words posted by Kate:  "Dear Friends, Lucy's cancer is back..."

My heart was instantly broken when I read those words.  Before I read any further, I thought...OK, I'm not sure how this poor child can stand anything more, because I had seen through her mother's eyes how she had suffered so.  And then I read on..."There is nothing we can do. We don't have a long time with her but are determined to make the most of every minute.  Our only prayer is for mercy and no suffering..."

I implore you to do a couple of things:  Click my "Pray for Lucy" button and go read about her story.  Then, please pray for this child and her family.  Pray for mercy and no suffering.  Pray for a miracle.  Pray for this mother who has suffered so much along with her child.  Pray that God will allow Kate and Erik and Ella and Jack to be able to have some time with Lucy.  Just PRAY!

"EVERY day is worth celebrating..." Kate wrote these words not too long ago.  She has been a pillar of faith.  She has celebrated every day she has had with Lucy.  Pray that God will give her just a few more "good days" with her baby.  Days to hug and kiss and spend with this precious gift God gave her for such a short while.  And for us, Kate's words should cause us to take heed..."EVERY DAY IS WORTH CELEBRATING!"

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